David Goldberg, also known as Indigo Boy, is a versatile artist currently immersed in the realms of fashion styling, design, and fine art. Hailing from the vibrant city of New York, David’s artistic journey began in his formative years, and he continues to draw inspiration from his urban surroundings. His creative ethos thrives on defying conventions, demolishing barriers, and exploring uncharted territories.

Deeply connected to his roots, David finds profound inspiration in his familial bonds, often weaving their stories into his artistic tapestry. Creativity courses through his veins, and the urge to express himself artistically serves as his guiding light.

Blending elements of fashion and photography, David embraces art for its intrinsic value and revels in the act of embodying artistic expression. For him, life is a canvas, and every moment is an opportunity for artistic exploration. Living authentically, David chooses to infuse art into every facet of his existence.

You’ve described yourself as a multidisciplinary artist, focusing on fashion styling, designing, and fine art. How do these different mediums intersect in your creative process, and what draws you to explore such diverse avenues of expression?

I like to call myself an artist, rather than a stylist or designer. I am an artist of all mediums simply because I love so many artis- tic expressions and want to immerse myself in as much creativity as possible. Art is my most fulfilling passion. Blending mediums and designs techniques has been an intriguing way for me to discover and create more.

Growing up in New York City, you’ve mentioned being constantly inspired by your surroundings. Could you share a specific instance or place in the city that has had a profound impact on your work?

I am very inspired by the high contrasts in aesthetics in NYC. The grimiest and slimiest can be juxtaposed with the most luxu- rious. These contrasts have inspired me when creating settings for photoshoots as well as how I dress in daily life. I like to play with the dichotomy of unexpected aesthetics.

Family appears to play a significant role in your life and work. How does your close relationship with your family influence your artistic vision, and can you share an example of how a family member has inspired one of your creations?

Without the support of my family I wouldn’t be able to do anything that I’m doing. Their consistent love and encourage- ment gives me the most fuel to continue being me and creating art. Besides their support being a source of inspiration, they inspire me in all individual ways. My mom is my fashion muse and we have a great relationship not only as mother and son, but as stylist and muse.

You’ve mentioned your belief in “art for art’s sake” and the idea of living an artistic life where art permeates every moment. Can you elaborate on what this philosophy means to you and how it informs your approach to creating art?

I believe in art for art’s sake because I know the feeling of ge- nuine necessity to create. My life is my art and my art is my life. They will both always reflect each other. I can’t see it any other way. Whether it is intentional or not, it has always been that way.

Collaboration seems to be an integral part of your artistic process, including working with your grandmother. Could you walk us through the process of collaborating with a family member, and how does it differ from other collaborations you’ve undertaken?

Collaborating with my grandmother for this shoot was beyond fun and a real dream come true. Considering that we are related and have a very close relationship, the trust was already there. Marsha trusted my vision completely and allowed me to have full creative control. I know her aesthetic and style very well so it was not hard for me to create looks that felt genuine to her while still allowing me to project my vision onto her. This differed from other collaborations because of the total trust we had in each other to bring the vision to life. Some- times there can be creative differences between collaborators, but not at all with this shoot. We had complete support of each other.

Your work often blurs the lines between art and everyday life, particularly in the realms of fashion and photography. How do you see fashion and photography as vehicles for artistic expression, and what unique opportunities do they offer compared to more traditional forms of art?

Fashion and photography as a pairing gives endless room for experimentation. As I continue my career, I’m constantly being introduced to new styles of photography that provide fresh inspiration for me. When I see a unique photographer’s work
I immediately think of how I can style a model to best match that photographer’s aesthetic. It has always and will always be about collaboration for me. I will always work as a group and as a team. I find the best results from working that way. It is always us, not me…as long as you agree with me…LOL.

Today, social networks hold great significance. How do you navigate this aspect?

Social media has great pros and great cons. I try to stay in a neutral state and use it to benefit my career as an artist. I use my Instagram as my active portfolio to showcase my work and my designs. It has proven to be a very beneficial platform for me.

You’ve mentioned a desire to go against the grain and push boundaries in your work. Can you share an example of a project where you felt you successfully challenged conventions or broke down walls, and what was the outcome?

All of the work I create is intended to make people think, make people reflect, make people uncomfortable, curious, disgusted, fascinated, safe, inspired. I am always trying to push boundaries with the creative techniques and approaches I use to abstractly translate my life experiences into my art.

If you weren’t in the fashion world, what would you have become?

I have always been interested in teaching art, particularly to younger people. My school teachers played an integral role in my development and I had extremely meaningful relationships with many of them. I credit them with a large part of who I am today. Having the chance to be that influence for younger generations would be very special for me.

What is your career aspiration? Do you have any goals planned?

My career aspirations are to continue to grow and level up as an artist. I want my art to tell stories, inspire others, and set me free.

When you think about your style, what key components stand out as being significant to you?

I would describe my style as utilitarian, comfortable, and modern. I usually dress myself in all black which allows me to play with texture rather than color. Customizing my clothing and accessories adds a personal element to all of my looks. I love to combine unexpected textures and fabrics, add subtle but natural accessories, and always ensure I am wearing the clothes and the clothes aren’t wearing me.

When you have free time outside of work commitments, how do you usually spend it?

My free time is spent with friends and family which I value deeply. They give me the energy and strength to go through life and continue to be me. I also value time alone very much. It allows my mind and body to rest and recharge, while also giving me time to focus and think about upcoming projects and new ideas.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

This moment is something I could have never imagined a few years ago. Styling my grandmother for the cover of Roll Up Magazine is totally dreamy. These moments and memories will last a lifetime. My family means everything to me so being able to honor my beautiful grandmother in this way is thrilling.

DAVID GOLDBERG’S GRANDMOTHER A Source of Wisdom and Inspiration

As the grandmother of such a talented and creative individual, how does it feel to see David making waves in the fashion and art world?

As David’s grandmother, I am not surprised, but nonetheless beyond proud of him. He exhibited his creative talent at a very young age and he’s kept building upon it throughout the years. I have no doubt that this is just the beginning of a very successful career.

Being featured on the cover of a magazine alongside your grandson must be a remarkable experience. Could you share your thoughts and emotions upon seeing yourselves in such a prominent position?

I never really knew what we would be doing. David just said he wanted to style and photograph me. Needless to say, I want to do anything that would involve spending time with him. He assembled his team at his apartment and I had very little idea what would take place. He selected clothing and jewelry for me to wear as well as photographers, hair, and makeup. Off we went to his selected location where I watched David’s vision unfold. I had the most wonderful evening following his specific directions. Being able to display his vision with me on the cover is the absolute icing on the cake. I’m unbelievably proud and excited!!

Did you ever anticipate being part of David’s artistic journey in such a public way, and how does it feel to be recognized for your role in inspiring his work?

I never really thought about being a part of his artistic journey. I have always been so happy to be a part of his life in general. I recognized his sensitivity and his joyful perspective at almost everything he did. The photo shoot, however, made me feel so special and happy that I was his muse for the evening. I loved watching him organize everything, but most of all I loved following his directions and seeing the fabulous end result.

Collaborating creatively with David must be a unique experience. Can you share with us what it’s like to work alongside your grandson, and how does your relationship influence your collaborative process?

Working alongside my grandson was something I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams. I always wanted to be David’s “safe space” where he could tell me anything. Our relationship has been beyond special from pretty much the moment he was born. It made it so easy for me to trust him and give him full reign with no judgement. He has not judged me either in anything. Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship. I hope that comes through when seeing the final images.

What advice would you give to the younger generation, especially those aspiring to pursue their creative passions, based on your own experiences and observations?

My advice to younger generations is that with a little bit of guidance and having pride in everything you do, you can go
a long way on your path to achieving your goals. Artists in particular need lots of freedom to explore how they want their art to play out in their lives. I feel that in David’s life that is ha- ppening right now. I just love watching his interests shift and I look forward to seeing the end result of his experimentation.

David has mentioned that family often serves as inspiration for his work. Can you share a moment or memory where you felt particularly honored or
touched by his artistic portrayal of your family?

In David’s early life, we as a family were always involved in his art. There was never a vacation where David wasn’t making a video of all of us. It was always well thought out. For example he would choose a popular song, then tell each of us which verses we were to lip sync. He’d direct us where to stand, then what to do. None of us saw the whole thing until he edited it. The joy we all felt watching the finished product was unpara- lleled. The family as a whole will always cherish those memories. Those experiences were beyond special.