I started in fashion photography in a very organic way. It was always clear to me that the only photography I wanted to do was fashion.
I’ve never done any other type of photography, I feel comfortable having full control of the image, being able to choose settings, lights, trends and moments I want to tell. Being able to work with great talents forming teams of artists in the field and seeing it reflected in a final image is something that encompasses what I like about this job.
Abruptly 20 years ago, I left my job that was a ‘suit and tie’ I was sales manager of an airline and decided to do something else…
I started self-taught and did a month-long accelerated photography course and started studying light and reading a lot of fashion books. I started taking photos with agencies and small brands without having a lot of prior knowledge It was the age of roll cameras where everything was much more difficult. Then I started working in fashion magazines, they gave us 8 photos per look, it’s crazy to think about it today but I think that today gave me the eye and the training to see what happens through the lens and be sure of what is happening on the set It was my beginnings and it was an analog era.
Today it is much easier, technology offers us many more possibilities at the level of equipment and communication through networks, but I feel we must not lose sight of how important the artist’s eye is.
I was super established after the passing of the years in Argentina but I felt bored and comfortable. I did fashion campaigns, editorials also I had my own fashion
magazine and my photostudio, but I needed new challenges.
A very close friend told me: ‘you have to travel to New York, that is your place!’

there I went on my first trip to what’s my city now. I arrived and fell in love with the city so eclectic and with so much art in every corner, I spent weeks going through every place. A few months later, very casually, I was contacted by an agency to do work in the United States and I traveled for two years, until I decided to drop everything and move there. I locked my house in Buenos Aires and I moved, I arrived at a hotel with all my suitcases looking for my house and a space to set up my studio in NY. I didn’t know anyone but I had a plan and a lot of people to meet. Currently I found another passion that unites traveling and doing editorial work around the world. I travel to different cities and look to work with local crews and visit the most important main fashion capitals Fashion Weeks.

Last April 13, I’ve presented for the first time in Buenos Aires my photo exhibition “Fragments” at Hipodromo de Palermo his after being exhibited last December in New York. “Fragments” is a summary and selection of my best photographs throughout my 20 years career showing my editorial work and black and white series as well as most profound and significant portraits. More than 100 people was attended the event by from the world of fashion including designers, models and creatives who were able to live a unique experience with a relaxed perspective and accompanied by ZUNZUN Wines, a line of fresh and versatile wines inspired by the flight of a hummingbird where attendees could enjoy their different varieties. Soon the exhibition will take place in Europe in cities like Milan and Paris, then it will return to Buenos Aires in December.