Kanika Goyal Label (KGL) found a way to evolve beyond creativity and show NYFW that truly original designs still pervade the fashion mecca’s runways with its vivid visual play of intersecting lines, sublime shapes, textures and tempting colors.

The Delhi, India-based brand’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Aether Leak delved into the intriguing space between the tangible and the intangible, where the concepts of the infinite, otherworldly dimensions converge with the earthly transitions. Guests felt transported to Goyal’s vision: a cosmic dance-off where the familiar mingles with the mystical. This collection drew its creative impetus from the interplay of light and shadow, the hazy realms of the unknown, and the transcendental link between gods and mortals.

The color palette gracefully transitioned from the brief haze of dusty pastels to the deep, mysterious shades of the universe, ranging from muted hues to iridescent, infinite shades that mirror the transition from earthly haziness to the clarity of divine domains. Bonded knits, taffeta, and denim fabrics echoed cosmic grains and the passing softness of clouds inviting wearers to traverse the boundary between tangible and celestial. The motifs represent the fleeting moments, the potential for transformation, and the delicate interplay between chaos and order. Aether Leak employs gradient techniques to evoke the illusion of shifting dimensions. Airy materials drape like a celestial mist, allowing wearers to embody the nebulous beauty of distant realms. Structured garments incorporate metallic embellishments, emulating the luminous dust particles suspended in the realms of creation.

“Aether Leak is an invitation to witness the youthful spirit transcending boundaries and exploring the depths of imagination.” –Designer, Kanika Goyal

Notable attendees included Bibhu Mohapatra, TG Omori, Renata Valliulina, Sukihana, Leyna Bloom, Brett Gray.