Palomo Spain x Bimba y Lola SS24 NYFW

The Palomo Spain Spring/Summer 2024 runway show also unveiled an exclusive collaboration with Spanish accessories brand Bimba y Lola. The collaboration consists of a co-creation of several full looks and accessories including an exclusive capsule of bags and accessories featuring an updated version of Bimba y Lola’s hit, the “Tote Pocket Bag”.
The collaboration between Bimba y Lola and Palomo Spain revolve around discovering the essence of each brand and establishing a cohesive dialogue between their respective universes. Palomo is renowned for its genderless and glamorous approach to clothing, staying true to its folkloric origins while fearlessly embracing a sensual and, at times, even provocative, portrayal of masculinity. On the other hand, Bimba y Lola stands out as the trendiest and most cutting-edge brand in Spain, with a strong focus on empowering its vibrant female community.
The primary objective of the collaboration is to create a shared space where both brands can communicate effectively and naturally integrate their communities. The collection places a stronger emphasis on women’s fashion, which is a new territory for Palomo, whose past collections primarily centered on menswear with a pronounced touch of womenswear aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from Palomo’s authentic southern roots, deeply connected to the passionate spirit of flamenco, and Bimba’s playful and empowering aesthetic has been an effortless process. This influence has been evident in Palomo’s past collections, where the essence and passion of flamenco pulsates within every garment.
The Palomo Spain x Bimba y Lola collaboration will be on sale in their respective e-commerce sites and selected retailers on mid-October.

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